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Vu pour la dernière fois 01 Juin 2023, 17:15
43 ans   Belle-Plagne, France


une femme , cherche a man Âgé 20-40
161cm-170cm (5.3ft-5.6ft)
Type de corps:
A propos de moi:
I am very passionate and, at the same time, rather careful about where my passion is headed to whatever lies within my territory is kindly and generously protected, with a fierce tenacity. Most importantly, my man can always counted on me to love him unconditionally and to care for him with all my heart. I am warm, lively and optimistic lady, wear perfumes that remind me of the summer roses, and create a romantic atmosphere.My ideal man should be kind, caring and honest. I also value a good sense of humor in a man. It would be good if he likes traveling. I am not very demanding, I am very loyal and think that I do not need a perfect man. I need the one who will love me for whom I am. I dream of a good and strong man who would be able to take care of me and make me happy. I want to meet a loyal and not jealous man who will not make a scene without cause, but will simply love me.nnI have said enough about me, my wants and desires, all these above being said is just a set standard me and I believe no one is perfect and Mr perfect exists only in dreamland . We are all human and we are bound to have flaws and we have to adapt with each other.